On March 9th, the Teatro Cervantes in Arnedo (La Rioja) was filled with 500 spectators who had the pleasure of witnessing a visual and scientific presentation on the importance of sports to improve and prolong our lives.

Two BH Fitness treadmills were the main props on the stage, while the leading actors were a 67-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man, running face to face, creating a striking scene intended to be revealing.

For over a century, the initials BH have been synonymous with sports, fitness, and a spirit of overcoming challenges. “When Methub proposed that we participate in this project, we didn’t hesitate for a second” says Alejandro Echevarría, Marketing Manager of BH Fitness.

The creators of the Methub laboratory aim is to bring scientific knowledge related to human metabolism to all audiences, making science more approachable and accessible in a simple way.

The goal of this live scientific explanation was to demonstrate that exercise is the primary tool humans have to improve quality of life and metabolism. As explained by Methub, energy needs to be expended for mitochondria to continue generating energy optimally, thereby enhancing our quality of life. With a clear idea of what they wanted to portray, amateur athletes Arturo de Blas, 33, and Elena Ruiz, 67, pushed their bodies to the limit. Meanwhile, the Methub team answered live questions and detailed the data obtained from gas analyzers to assess energy production and from lactate meters.

In the test, Elena recorded an oxygen consumption of 40 ml/kg/min, similar to that of a woman aged between 20 and 30 years. Typically, women in her age group have an average oxygen consumption ranging between 20 and 25 ml/kg/min.

Echevarría thanks Methub for their commitment to sports and science and for including BH Fitness in this project. From BH Fitness, they emphasize the importance of projects like these to encourage sports in society and thus improve our quality of life. They have also participated in other research projects, such as the one carried out at the Public University of Navarra last year, to determine the importance of physical exercise in postmenopausal women with overweight and obesity.