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Functional Training

The best options to create a functional training space, combining versatility, design and space optimization.



BH Fitness is helping gyms adapt their spaces with the latest trends. MAGSYS is the best solution on the market for creating modular, functional spaces in the fitness centre.



Functional space

Everything required to equip a functional training area. Functional training is one of the best ways to gain member loyalty, as it combines dynamic exercises with components of competition, which motivate users.

L360FS AFT 4 stations

The multistation machine allows up to 6 users at a time while taking up very little gym space.

L360 | AFT 360

Thanks to this innovative concept, groups of up to 12 users will be able to work out simultaneously. It is the best and most entertaining way to carry out functional training in the fitness facility.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the big revolutions in fitness: periods of maximum intensity of effort to improve the metabolism and periods of EPOC, which enables an accelerated elimination of calories.



Crosstrainer that is appropriate for high intensity training to burn fat and increase the resistance in a fast and effective way. This crosstrainer for an intensive and HIIT trainings can be combined with strength exercises for a more complete and intense training. Its powerful fan helps to keep the user comfortable during the exercise.


The H889 CrossBike from BH Fitness includes an  air resistance system that will challenge the most demanding users. It is perfect for group training or HIIT spaces. In addition, the mobile side rods allow a full-body exercise.


Inclined mechanical treadmill for high intensity trainings. The incline and the fact that it is self-generated make it the most versatile option when creating exclusive group training or HIIT spaces.

RunMill | G669

Cinta mecánica curva perfecta para entrenamientos de alta intensidad.