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Biomechanics & Efficiency

Strength Series


Movemia Serie

Born to be the revolution of fitness clubs, this new range of professional strength machines has been conceived with pioneering design, biomechanics and comfort features.

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Strength Series


Inertia Series

Machinery with high biomechanical precision applied to the design that meets all the requirements of the users: attractive, solid, compact and easy to use.

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Larger. Heavier. Stronger.

PL Series

The new plate load line was designed for users who want to develop strength and power with total safety. This range of free weights can train all muscle groups.


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PL Series

Biomechanics & ergonomy


Multi-stations, racks, benches and accessories complete the Inertia range.


M370 | Dual Adjustable Pulley

The redesigned M370 is a must-have in any gym with a redesign that enhances its aesthetic appearance, with a more modern look, and its functionality to improve workouts.

L540B Double ergolina

With a connecting bar between the two ergolines for chin ups, it allows a huge variety of exercises for both upper and lower body.

L535B Ergolina

This ergolina allows a variety of exercises. It´s reduced load is specially designed for all levels of training.

L480x2 8 Stations

This multistations with more than 8 exercise posts different, it allows an optimal biomechanical workout to exercise each part of the body.

L485B 5 stations

The new optimal 5 station design ensures smooth and natural movements for full muscle contraction.

L480 4 Stations

This multistation with more than 4 exercise posts different, it allows an optimal biomechanical workout to exercise each part of the body.

L365B AFT 5 Stations

The multifunctional station enables a large variety of exercises. It´s composed by ergolina, functional station and two connecting rods for chin ups.

L360FS AFT 4 stations

The multistation machine allows up to 6 users at a time while taking up very little gym space.

L880BB Sissy Bench Black

Designed for leg exercises, especially for working the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. It also has an ergonomic and padded shape so that the user can maintain a stable and comfortable position during the exercises.

L300BB Stretch bench

Stretching bench that offers a variety of exercises to comfortably perform thanks to its ergonomic design.

L825BB Multiposition bench

The adjustable seat and backrest angle enable different exercises such as dumbbell press or bicep curls.

L810BB Flat bench

The L810BB bench is great for many different exercises, and is suitable for all fitness centers thanks to its handle and wheels.

L805BB 40º Inclined bench

Ideal for working the lower back, the L805BB can also perform various exercises and adapt to the height of each user.

L900BB Chin-up and Dip

Possible to work a variety of muscles thanks to the diverse range of exercises that can be performed: Lift knees, backgrounds, pull-ups…

L885BB Balanced Abdominal

Thanks to its exclusive design, it allows you to perform complete and concetrated exercises easily and comfortably without straining your neck, shoulders and back.

L800BB Abdominal flexor bench

L800BB bench guarantees a correct posture throughout the exercise thanks to its support and firm hold of the arms and back.

L840BB Roman Chair

The roman chair is perfect for working the whole band performing abdominal exercises lifting trunk.

L835BB Crunch bench

The adjustable backrest inclination can vary the exercises and the double roller ensures user support.

L830BB Scott Bench

The working angle of the scott bench is specially designed to target the brachial biceps and anterior brachial.

L850BB Shoulder press bench

It allows you to perform a variety of exercises thanks to the training bar's 3 positions, guaranteeing continual comfort and safety.

L855BB Decline bench

In addition to offering a full variety of exercise, it ensures maximum comfort, durability, and safety with proper form.

L820BB Incline bench

Besides the variety of exercises available on this bench, it offers the possibility of incorporating an instructor in the bench back.

L815BB Horizontal Olympic Bench

With its 3 positions for the bar, the L815BB bench offers more fitness opportunities for the user.

L845BB Squat rack

For lovers of hard exercise, the squat rack lets you perform with lighter discs.

LD400BB Max Rack

Its system of fully guided three-dimensional movement offers sensations of free weight training but with maximum security.

L350BB Multipower

The multipower L350BB allows exercise without the risk of the bar falling on the user, ensuring maximum security.


The dumbbell rack L875BB is ideal for storing up to 12 pairs of dumbbells neatly in the free weight area of your gym.


Lightweight and durable support bars that can store up to 8 bars, in addition to grips with its auxiliary tray.


This disc support allows you to store olympic plates in 8 different racks, making it possible to easily locate the discs from any angle.