What are cookies?

Many of our online features have been designed to work with Cookies, always considering the best possible surfing experience for users; to be able to surf the website correctly and enjoy everything we have to offer you, you must first accept the Cookies. Should you not allow the installation of these Cookies, your surfing possibilities on the website will be limited.

Types of cookies you can find:

PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of Cookie saves information anonymously and allows us: to know your preferences and improve our designs for your surfing experience, avoid errors, obtain statistics, adapt the speed of video transmission according to compatibility with your web browser, etc. We try to think about our clients how to make their visit to our website as pleasant as possible.

GEOLOCATION COOKIES: This type of Cookies are used to find out the country from which you are accessing our website and, in this way, we are able to show contents according to your location and in your language.

COOKIES ON THE REGISTER: This type of Cookies are generated at the time you register on the web or initiate a later session. These Cookies are used so that, when you close a session, leave the computer or power down, you continue to be identified as a user and contents continue to be adapted to you.

ANALYTICAL COOKIES: This type of Cookies collect information totally anonymously about your surfing experience. In this way, we can access numerical data about users surfing our webpage, and improve functions as we see fit. Therefore, these cookies contribute directly to the improvements we make to the web, always enhancing the surfing experience of the user and helping us to offer a better service.

ADVERTISING COOKIES: This type of Cookies allow us to increase and personalize the information on the ads shown to each user. Among other functions, data is anonymously stored based on the surfing patterns of each user, so that we can offer advertising to match your interests.

THIRD PARTY ADVERTISING COOKIES: BH Fitness uses third party Cookies to access, manage and improve a series of Extra Services that will always improve your surfing experience.

Cookie Duration Description
__utma 2 years Cookie user Google Analitics.
__utmb 30 minutes Cookie session Google Analitics.
__utmc 6 months Cookie sesión status Google Analitics.
__utmz 2 years Cookie user origin Google Analitics.
bhweb[dompro] 6 months BH Fitness web cookie.
bhweb[lang] 6 months BH Fitness web cookie. Remember selected language.
GEUP 6 months Cookie Youtube.
PREF 6 months Cookie Youtube.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months Cookie Youtube.
YSC 6 months Cookie Youtube.