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BH Fitness has a company in BH Group fully dedicated to IT and software developement in order to improve gym management digitalization.

The company, PAFERS Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 by a group of people with huge experience both in fitness and technology. Nowadays, PAFERS is a known leader in the developement of technology solutions for fitness equipment. Key to its success has been the combination of mobile technology and fitness equipment to improve the user experience in their trainings and data management for facility managers.

Some examples


Fitness APPS

PAFERS has developed very well known fitness apps such as Run on Earth, Cycle Rush 2 or FitConsole, what has made it a leader in the creation and developement of fitness apps for user's entertainment.


Nevertheless, the most important developements by PAFERS have been made in the last years with the building from scratch of the SmartFocus managing software for cardio and stregth equipments.