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Technology and performance

Cardio Series


Movemia Cardio Series

MOVEMIA cardio equipment combines the best materials with the latest technology. Designed to get the most out of connectivity!


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Passion for top performance

SK Line

Passion for top performance. The latest mechanical and technological innovations come together in the SK LINE range of cardio machines by BH Fitness.



Its the second fastest treadmill on the market that is virtually maintenance free thanks to its HST phenolic resin system. The best choice of a treadmill for intensive use together with the longest durability, the perfect comfort and technological advancements with the interactive SmartFocus monitor. This model also offers the choice of having a LED monitor. The new interactive monitor has total connectivity and greatuser advantages.


Crosstrainer that reduces the distance between footrests providing a more natural and comfortable motion during the training. Designed through a strict biomechanical study, this crosstrainer provides great feedback during all the use cycle of the product. It is perfect for an intensive use.


Upright bike that replicates the feeling pedaling on a road bike. This classic upright bike for intensive use offers great quality in all its components. Moreover, the LED monitor or the interactive monitor choice shows a wide range of information.


This recumbent bike provides comfort, Value, simplicity, sturdiness and a premium finish. This recumbent bike is intended for intensive use. It is offered in two different type of monitors: interactive monitor SmartFocus or LED monitor.


Soft, quiet and easy to use stepper . With the latest technology in autogenerated monitors, this professional stepper offers high durability with the lower energy cost thanks to the elimination of an electrical connection.

The most versatile fitness solution

LK Line

The most versatile fitness solution, the LK range offers the cardio equipment that best suits our customers' needs.



With a more powerful and on of the quietest motors on the market, this treadmill provides the user comfort as well as the best outputs, providing the most enjoyable user experience. The new HST phenolic system delivers the lowest maintenance.


Its a treadmill with high performance, ergonomics and functionality joined to a robust and stylish design. With more effective use of the energy, it allows to register lower energy consumption for the same efficiency. It guarantees power and durability with the same consumption.


One of the most quiet treadmill on the market. This treadmill features a HSP phenolic wax system that allows a low maintenance. High quality outputs and the maximum comfort in one unique machine to offer the best workout to the user.


A crosstrainer customized to each user making possible to regulate the stride. Trainer also features a reinforced frame for more stability.


Crosstrainer that allows a longer and more athletic stride movement thanks to its front drive system. This allows the user to do more intensive trainings with more security. Furthermore, its exclusive antiderailment system makes possible to increase the speed without any risk.


It is the most comfortable and accessible upright bike on the market. It enhances the user experience providing total conectivity and a natural posture thanks to the ergonomical design. It helps to align the hip, knee and pedals.


This recumbent bike with interactive monitor and internet connection possess an added value thanks to the wide range of possibilities it offers. The best comfort provided by its breathable backrest and the option of choosing the between an improved LED monitor and interactive monitor with internet.