BH Fitness, a leader in the sports equipment industry, announces its collaboration on a pioneering research project with the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) and the University Hospital of Navarra. This project aims to examine the combined effects of strength training and intermittent fasting on the body composition and cardiovascular health of postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 65 with overweight and obesity.

The project, funded by the Higher Sports Council and approved by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of Navarra, has achieved a fruitful collaboration between BH Fitness and UPNA. As part of this collaboration, BH Fitness has provided the installation of strength training machines in the UPNA sports facility, exclusively for the participants of the project.

BH Fitness’s contribution goes beyond equipment provision; a synergy has been established to provide participants with an optimal training environment. Thanks to this collaboration, small training groups have been organized, supervised by exercise specialists, with flexible schedules to accommodate the daily routines of the participants.

“At BH Fitness, we recognize the importance of scientific research in addressing specific health challenges, and we are excited to be part of this innovative project,” states Alejandro Echevarria, Marketing Manager of BH Fitness.

The study focuses on weight loss, improvement in muscle quantity and quality, and the reduction of the risk of sarcopenia in postmenopausal women, a demographic group facing unique challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The collaboration between BH Fitness and UPNA aims to provide valuable data contributing to the development of specific treatments for this population.

The project, currently involving 52 women, aims to reach a total of 150 participants. The women are randomly assigned to three intervention groups for a period of 12 weeks, allowing for a meaningful comparison of the effects on body composition.

This joint commitment is also reflected in the support for detailed medical assessments conducted before the intervention, including advanced tests for body composition, basal metabolism assessment, ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imaging, and stress tests.

To date, the results of the study are highly promising, and the positive atmosphere at the UPNA sports facility highlights the success of this collaboration between BH Fitness and UPNA. The company anticipates that the findings will contribute significantly to advancing knowledge in the field of health for postmenopausal women with overweight and obesity, reaffirming its commitment to well-being and scientific research.