Today Kashima Antlers Football Club have published the following press release informing on our recent relationship as official supplier of fitness equipment, which we are very proud to announce.

Date : Feb.15, 2023

Press Release on supplier contract with BH Fitness

This is to announce we have concluded the supplier contract with BH Fitness, a leading fitness manufacturer in Spain.

BH FITNESS is a major fitness manufacturer in Spain, which has a long history of over 100 years and develops business in over 120 countries, and supplies premium fitness solutions worldwide.  Now, we have concluded supplier contract through Fit Solution Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Tetsuya Kanayama) to provide the cutting edge training condition.

Along with this contract, MOVEMIA, the latest training machine series, is installed and used by players of the top team.

<about BH Fitness> 

Spanish major fitness machine manufacturer, supplying premium fitness solutions in over 100 countries worldwide to various target, like fitness clubs, hotels, corporate gyms, residential gyms, clubs only for athletes.  In addition, this company develops original software to monitor the facility management of gyms and workout data and supports the better customer retention rate.

BH Fitness Official Site