At BH Fitness, our mission is to provide high-quality fitness equipment that enables our customers to effectively achieve their training goals.

Starting today, we are delighted to announce a significant update to our Inertia Strength range. We have raised the bar by increasing the plate loads on our strength machines from 91 kg to 110 kg as the new standard weight. This update aims to provide you with an even more challenging and effective training experience. Please note that this upgrade only applies to the Inertia machines that previously had a standard plate weight of 91 kg.

The optional weight remains at 125 kg for some models. Machines with weights below 91 kg have not undergone changes to their standard weights, although some models include optional 110 kg weights.

What does this update mean to you?

1. More Training Options: With a standard load of up to 110 kg, you have more choices to tailor your workout sessions. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to gain strength or an experienced athlete seeking new challenges, this update will enable you to adjust your workouts to meet your individual needs.

2. Increased Resistance: The additional resistance in our Inertia Strength machines will help you achieve your strength and endurance goals more effectively. You’ll be able to progress steadily towards your objectives.

3. Quality and Durability: Our products maintain the quality and durability you expect from BH Fitness. You can trust that your equipment will continue to function smoothly even with higher loads.

4. Benefits for New Orders: This update applies to all orders placed from today onwards. So, if you’re considering acquiring high-quality fitness equipment, this is the best opportunity to get the latest upgraded version of our Inertia Strength machines.