BH Fitness will showcase its latest releases at FIBO, where it will present developments focused on the connectivity of the new Smartfocus and LED screens, as well as its new strength product launches with the PL range.

The fitness industry seeks ways to connect with an ever-changing clientele, which implies adapting training rooms to current trends. In this sense, the investment in digital and connected equipment is crucial, as well as the renewal of strength equipment, an increasingly demanded training modality by users. That’s why BH Fitness has revamped its proposal in two aspects: “We have focused on developing the technological part with new touch monitors and on the lower body strength training product,” explains Alejandro Echevarria, marketing manager of the Basque fitness equipment manufacturer.

Among the novelties that will be presented at FIBO from April 11th to 14th in Cologne (Germany), in a space of 200 square meters at stand E-38 in hall 6, are the new software functionalities to enhance the user experience through technology. Highlighted there is the new Smartfocus, which is a monitor system for cardio equipment, incorporated into the Movemia and Inertia lines.

This new operating system is featured on touch screens ranging from 22 to 12 inches and has a new user-oriented interface to make navigation simpler and more intuitive. It also integrates BH Gymloop, its equipment management software, giving the user a 360-degree view of their routines once logged into the machine.

Beyond the integration of applications like Netflix and other apps on cardio machines, there’s also the possibility of doing virtual and interactive workouts. This includes running on a beach in Punta Cana or having the treadmill or bike automatically adjust their incline and resistance based on the profile of the stage or session displayed on the screen. Additionally, users can train using wireless Bluetooth headphones, and sports centers can upload workouts to the platform for clients to access pre-recorded sessions.

With the new software functionalities, BH Fitness aims to offer a more connected and integrated experience to gym clients.

The new technological innovations are not limited to touch screens; BH Gymloop, its management system, and BH Fitness LED monitors include a new functionality that allows Bluetooth FTMS compatibility. BH Gymloop already allowed users to track their progress and training through the app, in centers equipped with LED monitors, but now the integration is maximized. “Bidirectional information is sought; the smartphone becomes a second screen with complete training information,” says Echevarria.

Regarding product development, BH Fitness has launched four new products in the disc load line, the PL Series, with a clear focus on leg training. “Since 2023 and in 2024, we have noticed a surge in strength training, especially targeting the lower body, so we have launched different products, such as the Belt Squat, the Rear Kick for glute kickback, the Hip Thrust, and the Squat Lunge, also focused on strengthening muscles in the lower body,” details the marketing manager of BH Fitness. According to the marketing manager, this is biomechanical training equipment, focused on isolating muscle work, aimed at advanced users looking to add extra to their routines.