The new site aims to be a new platform to bring the brand to its professional clients.

BH Fitness is still in its evolving process, quickly adapting its structure and commercial proposal to an agile and volatile market. Years of technological developement have brought us to positioning as a fitness equipment and digital solutions manufacturer at a world level. Our international expansion, backed by the stable sales in over 90 countries in 2018 comes to a new phase of positioning strategy. This positioning, with a clear technological spirit, gives BH Fitness a new angle to all of our preocesses. This makes us the optimal supplier for fitness equipments in each and every segment: from large fitness facilities to hotels, covering also boutiques, corporate gyms or neighbourhoods.

This new website will reinforce the technological image the brand has been working on lately. A more user friendly site, where corporate contents and technology are prioritized. The site includes a much more comprehensive imagen about our company philosophy and clearer messages aimed for professional public. In addition, the site includes a business intelligence module adapted to our internal processes to optimize all our sales processes.

Summarizing, BH Fitness’ new website is born as a central element in our brand positioning strategy and yet another tool to bring our message to our audience. Yet another step to consolidate the promising future of the company.